The Brian Higgins Foundation

Forever in our hearts

The Brian Higgins Foundation was established in 2003 and we are a Nonprofit 501(c) (3) Organization.

We set this up as a memorial to our late son/brother Brian and as a means of helping other children with special needs and their families. We can not begin to express our heartfelt thanks for all of your generosity and support that you have given to the Brian Higgins Foundation Trivia Night. When our son Brian past away and the idea for a Trivia Night arose we never thought in our wildest dreams that it would turn into one of the biggest fundraisers in the city. The success of Trivia Night has grown steady each year and that is because of all of you and the unbelievable generosity of Dan Hayes, Ray Zonghetti and Suzanne Rinfreit from Good Times Emporium.

With your support we have been able to help families in various ways, including scholarships, paying for medical equipment that insurance will not cover. We have bought assistive technology equipment to help the children connect with the big world around them. We have been able to send children to summer camps and help support youth sports here in Somerville. We have been able to give to some of the great organizations out there, including the Special Olympics of Massachusetts, the Make a Wish Foundation, and the Federation for Children with Special Needs to name a few. And the many great organizations right here in Somerville, The Somerville Recreation and Youth Foundation and Best Buddies of Somerville High School. And most importantly we have been able to help relieve some stress even if it is for a little while for families with children with special needs.

The money collected at this event is used entirely for the kids and their families. There are no hidden administrative costs, or payrolls to be met. Every single penny goes to the kids.

Each year Over 700 people compete in one of Somerville’s most successful and enjoyable fundraising events. The Brian Higgins Foundation knows that events like this are only successful because of the kindness of people like you who are so willing to help. On behalf of the Brian Higgins Foundation, and the “staff” and the hundreds of special needs children that have benefited from your generosity we say Thank You. Your generosity has helped ease their pain and struggle.  And for that we say …

Thank You!