A Person I Admire

by Kyle Higgins

My brother, Brian, was disabled but wasn’t born that way.  When he was three weeks old, he got sick and the doctors gave him the wrong medicine.  That was the start of it all.  After that, it was all downhill.  Every time he got sick, even if it was minor, there was a chance he could die.  That’s how he got sick.
In 2001, we went to Disney World.  It was great!  It was around Halloween, so we went trick or treating there.  There were late night Halloween parades.  We took him on Splash Mountain and he got soaked and his face was hilarious.  It was such a great time!  He loved it, even though he was in a wheelchair.

When we got home, we went trick or treating again.  Brian got dressed up, too.  It was fun.  I went up to the houses with Brian in his wheelchair so that he would get his candy and so would I.  Then I would run and jump on the back of his wheelchair and ride to the next house.  The next summer on his birthday, we got a cake and had a party.  My dad shoved his face in the cake and he smiled.  Two months later, on August 29th, when we woke up, he wasn’t breathing.  We called an ambulance and my parents sent me down to my grandparent’s house.  When my dad came down crying, I got nervous.  He told me what happened and I burst into tears.  Since then, my life has been very different.

I love Brian and that will never change.  It is important to me because he is my brother and I care about him.  They formed the Brian Higgins’ Foundation.  I learned from him never to give up.

I Love my brother and will never forget him.

A Person I Admire

By shannon higgins

The person I admire is my brother Brian.  I admire my brother because he never gave up.

Also, he always had a smile on his face all the time even when he didn’t fell good.  My brother got sick at 3 weeks old and after he was ill he ended up having multiple special needs.

Even though he had special needs he could still do alot of things.  But also when he was ill he got brain damage.  So he couldn’t walk.

I loved my brother, and still do even though he ‘s not with us.